• Recent works – Summer 2022

    A collection of some of my recent works.

  • @ballio NFT art on Foundation

    @ballio NFT art on Foundation

    I started playing with the NFT games and minted some remastered versions of my favorite art pieces. The idea of web3 and the future of creator economy is fascinating and as an artist, it could be a game changer. I chose Foundation because I thought they have some of the most interesting art out…

  • January 2021 artworks

    January 2021 artworks

    Time for another roundup of my recent computational artworks from the past couple months. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments. ✌🏼 Thanks for checking them out! 🙏🏼

  • Vote

    Please #vote. Make your voice heard! Vote like our next generation depends on it, because they do. 💪🏼 Made this seamless loop animation to urge folks to go vote. Text rendered in Cinema 4D and composited in After Effects.

  • lines x colors

    lines x colors

    An experiment in exploring lines and colors. This one is special in that I wanted to play with the different ways how an artwork could manifest in its various forms. From Python code in drawbot. To rendering into bitmap and vector. To animation in After Effects. To 3D spatial structural form in Cinema4D. Each has…

  • 3D artwork inspired by James Turrell

    3D artwork inspired by James Turrell

    The above follow some of my computational art style. I wanted to visualize the spirals emitting light in space, creating various lines and spacial depth. Both rendered in Cinema4D in 4K resolution.

  • Artwork from Spring 2020

    Artwork from Spring 2020

    A collection of my artwork from Spring 2020

  • Spring


    Inspired by the amazing flowers and foliage in the spring, I’ve made some 3D art. I really wanted to experiment with how 3D and computational art can mix and match. I also am inspired by how nature created many of the mathematical patterns we see. The repeating patterns and loops that I make are many…

  • Squares Grid

    Squares Grid

    Experiments in repeating squares in various rotation. Made with Python in drawbot. These viewports are only showing a portion of the whole artwork. I will look into showcasing the whole repeating patterns in some shape or form.

  • WordPress 3D logo study

    WordPress 3D logo study

    Did some explorations in Cinema 4D to get a feel and to push our visual language.

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