• 2018 Chans

    2018 Chans

    Made this piece as a cover for our 2018 family holiday card. The idea here is making a piece of art with our last name 陳 (Chan) written out 2018 times.

  • Circles experimentations

    Circles experimentations

    Back at it for more circles drawbot fun. Playing with just using a circular shape and looping it many times with different rotations.

  • WordPress 5.0

    In celebration of the new WordPress 5.0 release, I’m giving my site a new look! It’s using the latest and greatest Gutenberg-ready theme — Twenty Nineteen, designed by my talented Automattic co-workers and friends, Allan Cole and Kjell Reigstad. Pretty sleek! I am loving the flexibility of the block editor, and just how intuitive it is…

  • Kendrick Lamar x Childish Gambino Mash-Up Album

    Kendrick Lamar x Childish Gambino Mash-Up Album

    This is dope.  Found via okayplayer

  • Pink Spirals

    Pink Spirals

    Playing with rotation and colors here.

  • Select computational design experiments

    Select computational design experiments

  • Calder set in Caslon 422 set in Futura

    Calder set in Caslon 422 set in Futura

    Sort of a meta design. Using the unique shapes of Caslon, trying out some animation techniques of text fitting into paths made with type in drawbot. It was pretty cool that Ace Hotel retweeted it!

  • Juno + Ballio

    Juno + Ballio

    This time, I was inspired by Josef Albers’s “Interaction of Color”  For this exercise, I was experimenting with using random()for various fills and the type. I was also trying to see how animation, timing, and frame rate works in drawbot. Lots to explore and play with. This reminds me of one of my favorite books…

  • Drawing in Python

    Drawing in Python

    I’ve been drawing computationally with Drawbot in Python 3 out of John Maeda’s encouragement and teachings. Much gratitude to John… I’ve been posting some work-in-progress on Twitter, but thought it’d be nice to post it on my blog too as a nice collection of trials, experiments, fails, surprises, and some really cool things that came…

  • Google Doodle — Tyrus Wong

    Google Doodle — Tyrus Wong

    A close friend informed me today that Google doodle is honoring Tyrus Wong for his 108th birthday. This is the video that they made: If you all didn’t know, Tyrus Wong was an Chinese-American artist responsible for some of the best-known images in American popular culture. Drawing inspiration from Chinese artists of the Song Dynasty,…

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