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  • Ado at Venice

    We just had a great meal at Ado in Venice. They do fresh homemade pastas everyday and it certainly shows. The pasta with truffle butter was out of this world. Complex and rich flavors all work together to form the perfect pasta dish. Yum! Highly recommended. We just walked in and got seated right away. […]

  • Food Map Updated!

    I just updated the food map with some new items. I’m hoping to do a mini-writeup on some of them for a review. Also talk about what to order and all. 😉 Hopefully it’ll be helpful! Here it is!

  • Food type – poutine @ animal

    Food type – poutine @ animal

    Would love to have some of these right now… I love these from animal. It might be a good time to update my LA food map. I’m going to post a link when it’s updated!

  • Hello World!

    I’ve been slacking on blogging lately. Life’s been good. I’ve had some crazy food adventures lately. Namely: Mozza Pizzeria-Crazy good pizzas, I would say it’s one of the best I’ve had. animal-Of course, POUTINES in ox tail gravy!!!! yum….. until next time…

  • West LA Food Map

    Friends, look no further. This is the food map that you have been looking for. Try the places on this map and you’ll be amazed at how much good food there is in LA. <- Click on view larger map to see the list of restaurants.  Guys, if you need recommendations on what to get, […]