Nickelodeon SDCC Voice Over Experience

Creative Direction, Design, Motion

Nickelodeon came to us with an idea of wanting to do something special at their booth for the San Diego Comic Con 2014. They wanted fans to be able to record voiceover for their favorite Nick cartoon and share the video to their friends via social networks. So our team put heads together and created a technology creative solution to make it happen.

To me, it was one of my favorite projects because it’s a one-of-a-kind experiential project. I got to be involved in the creative of all aspects of the project. On one hand, we had to design the motion graphics component of the karaoke videos, as well as the sharing output videos, all within the technological constraints with the dynamic rendering of the videos. On the other hand, we’re designing the whole user experience from the registration process, to the hardware setup in the booth recording experience, and the end result where participants browse and share their videos.

Throughout this 3-month project, we worked closely with the designers, developers, producers and Nickelodeon to make sure the overall creative strategy was on point. There were a lot of moving parts in the project, and it was truly a team effort all around that resulted in its success. 

Below is a case study video I put together at RED that showcases our experience. Enjoy!

Team (RED Interactive Agency): 
Video Design / Motion: Nic Cunningham, Riel Phillips, Aaron Wilson, Josh Baker
Front end Design: Ko Kawazoe 
Air App Development: Greg Connell, Kenny Arehart
Backend Development: Peter Volpe
Frontend Development: Robert Barnwell
Producers: Janice Arevalo, Joanna Denni, Donna Farmer