Flash OSX issue

I am so tired of sluggish Flash performance on the mac… Adobe and Apple, please do something about this. Not everyone has a 8-core Mac Pro… Flash is just so slow on the mac, videos are playing really choppily, I really hate watching videos in 10 fps… Websites are slow as snail and unresponsive… sigh… Put the same site or videos on a equivalent powered PC and they’ll play silky smooth… Come on!! Fix this annoying issue!

Life's been good!

Happy 3-year Anniversary for me and Henny! Yay! It’s been three years and i have to say it’s been really good. At least I think we can’t be happier to be together. To celebrate, we went to Hatfield’s for dinner which was FABULOUS… I’m telling u guys, gotta go at least ONCE in your life to make your food experience complete. It was really damn good, crazy good…


Me and Henny at Jennifer's wedding
Me and Henny at Jennifer's wedding


*UPDATE: Damn it! I updated WordPress but i can’t get the WP iPhone app to work… HELP! I kept getting this stupid “(NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 1.) WTF?

West LA Food Map

Friends, look no further. This is the food map that you have been looking for. Try the places on this map and you’ll be amazed at how much good food there is in LA.

<- Click on view larger map to see the list of restaurants. 

Guys, if you need recommendations on what to get, ask me!! 


(p.s. It kinda sucks that google maps messed up on some of the addresses… It was fine when I added it, but then when i tried to edit some of them, they inherited the address from the other ones on the list… I wanted to report this bug but I couldn’t find a place to do so. Google, if you’re reading this, please rectify this!! thanks!)