• Creative Campaign for Detroit Small Businesses

    Creative Campaign for Detroit Small Businesses

    Wrote a piece on my experience working on the Detroit small businesses campaign. Enjoy!

  • First time in London

    First time in London

    I had the special opportunity to visit London for the first time for an Automattic European designer meetup. I had such a great time meeting most of them in person for the very first time. It was three full days of intense workshop sessions after another but it was well worth it. Much appreciation to…

  • First blog post as an Automattician

    First blog post as an Automattician

    This is my first blog post since joining Automattic Inc., the maker of WordPress. It’s been about 2 months since I joined the company, and it’s been a very fun ride indeed. It’s pretty meta blogging using, working at 😉 Everybody who got hired works 3 weeks as customer support (Happiness Engineer, in…

  • Playing in C4D

    Playing in C4D

    Experimenting in C4D and multipass compositing. Got some cool results with lofting some weird bezier curves and cloning them. Finished it off by rendering multiple passes off to Photoshop. Got some depth blurs and color correction in there.

  • Chronos | Art + Video

    This is too cool. Great technique with the dance movement.

  • Next Gen TV Viewing

    I was reading about the new boxee tv box on the Verge and it really got me thinking. I think the boxee is a cool idea with the “Free TV” antenna and cloud DVR features. However, with the emergence of broadband, there is still yet a technological breakthrough in the TV viewing experience: Sure, there…

  • The Sycamore Kitchen Cards!

    The Sycamore Kitchen Cards!

    So excited to see the Sycamore Kitchen business card I designed printed! It’s awesome to see the logo on the signage and packaging throughout the restaurant as well. I worked with Karen Hatfield to develop a new brand identity and business cards for her latest restaurant concept – The Sycamore Kitchen. It’s a casual restaurant…

  • Porchetta Sandwich from Roli Roti

    Roli Roti at the SF Ferry Building farmers’ Market These Porchetta Sandwiches are so good. They’re crispy, fatty, and so finger-lickingly good. Don’t be discouraged by the long line, it moves fast and is definitely worth it. Please go get some if you’re in the Bay Area. Schedule: B

  • RIP Steve

    Good bye Steve, thanks for all the magical memories. You will always inspire me.

  • Ado at Venice

    We just had a great meal at Ado in Venice. They do fresh homemade pastas everyday and it certainly shows. The pasta with truffle butter was out of this world. Complex and rich flavors all work together to form the perfect pasta dish. Yum! Highly recommended. We just walked in and got seated right away.…

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