• The Inconvenient Truth

    After watching the movie, I just felt like there’s something that has to be done immediately. Please help by going to http://www.climatecrisis.net/takeaction/whatyoucando/ Check out the list. Help when u can. B

  • Got Joost!

    Starting from today, Im a It’s got a pretty cool interface, Im still trying it out.

  • HKG!

    Many more pics @ FlickR, click on the pics to check them out! I had so much fun guys! thanks so much!

  • Long Time No Blog!

    Haven’t been blogging on this blog lately… I’ve been watching saint seiya at night lately! (thanks to Tommy) It’s so good!!!! I remember staying up in late nights when I was little and waching the show. It’s still so good… I feel like a kid, really. Being on the computer all day, even at work. […]

  • 新年快樂 – Happy 2007

    HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!! Blogged with Flock

  • Flock, yet another browser?

    FLOCK IS PRETTY COOL!! Flock, the safe, spyware free web browser technorati tags:blog, tech, flock, web Blogged with Flock

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am always thankful for all my family and friends who’s been with me throughout my path in life. Thank you.

  • Switcheasy…

    http://www.switcheasy.com I guess it’s easy… NOT! (another Borat quote, believe it or not) If i get runaway, it only saves me money for a pair of Nike+… What about the nano and the nike+sports kit? sigh…

  • Update on life

    Same same as always… I think life’s gotta be somewhat more interesting… hm. Im not complaining, im happy with where im at right now. NBA season is back! My boy LeBron is doing well so far, keep it up! Can’t wait to watch him in action. Anyone got Lakers vs. Cavs tix?? PLEASE!? O yes, […]

  • new tag

    Check out my new tag.