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  • @ballio NFT art on Foundation

    @ballio NFT art on Foundation

    I started playing with the NFT games and minted some remastered versions of my favorite art pieces. The idea of web3 and the future of creator economy is fascinating and as an artist, it could be a game changer. I chose Foundation because I thought they have some of the most interesting art out […]

  • Infinite Spirals

    Experimentation in drawbot generated vector and after effects motion.

  • Belém, Portugal

    Belém, Portugal

    I had the pleasure to explore Belém with my teammate, Cristel, today. The MAAT is quite interesting with art that provokes the future. Not to mention its exquisite architecture. Also nearby, the original pastel de nata is the BEST I’ve ever had. Even though I’m still partial to the ones in Hong Kong and Macau. […]

  • On growing my intuition

    On growing my intuition

    Change (growth) is the only constant. A post I’ve written on a piece of my design journey.

  • Calder Flying

  • The Making of SNL

    I love Saturday Night Live. They’ve been killing it in the past few seasons. This is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the real-time stressfulness in making the live show: Did you watch Papyrus????? 🤣 I think non-designers would appreciate it too. First video found via Uncrate.

  • WordCamp Austin

    WordCamp Austin

    Featuring Madhatter!

  • Automattic GM 2017 at Whistler, BC

    Automattic GM 2017 at Whistler, BC
  • What’s Your Freedom?

    What’s Your Freedom?

    Originally posted on AUTOMATTIC DESIGN (VOICE RIP):
    “We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom.” The idea of freedom rings true to Automattic’s roots. Our CEO, Matt Mullenweg, blogged about the four software freedoms back in 2014. In fact, this concept of freedom is so important you’ve probably spotted it on our homepage.…

  • Creative Campaign for Detroit Small Businesses

    Creative Campaign for Detroit Small Businesses

    Originally posted on AUTOMATTIC DESIGN (VOICE RIP): has recently launched our very first TV commercials – telling the stories of small businesses in Detroit. The spots document our journey during the Detroit Hackathon we’ve held with Rebrand Cities to partner with local small businesses to work on their websites. It was an invaluable opportunity…