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  • WordPress 3D logo study

    WordPress 3D logo study

    Did some explorations in Cinema 4D to get a feel and to push our visual language.

  • WordPress 5.0

    In celebration of the new WordPress 5.0 release, I’m giving my site a new look! It’s using the latest and greatest Gutenberg-ready theme — Twenty Nineteen, designed by my talented Automattic co-workers and friends, Allan Cole and Kjell Reigstad. Pretty sleek! I am loving the flexibility of the block editor, and just how intuitive it is…

  • Computer, do my design work.

    Computer, do my design work.

    This is a piece I first wrote for Automattic’s Design Voice blog about the future of design and marketing: Imagine you step into your car for your morning commute, then the car starts driving itself. You realize you need to make a stop at the cell phone store, so you tell your car. You walk…

  • Lessons from Hong Kong

    Lessons from Hong Kong

    A piece I wrote based on my experience living in my hometown, Hong Kong, for a month after being away in America for years.

  • What’s Your Freedom?

    What’s Your Freedom?

    I wrote about how freedom is embedded within Automattic, where I work. Would love you to share what freedom is to you.

  • First time in London

    First time in London

    I had the special opportunity to visit London for the first time for an Automattic European designer meetup. I had such a great time meeting most of them in person for the very first time. It was three full days of intense workshop sessions after another but it was well worth it. Much appreciation to…

  • First blog post as an Automattician

    First blog post as an Automattician

    This is my first blog post since joining Automattic Inc., the maker of WordPress. It’s been about 2 months since I joined the company, and it’s been a very fun ride indeed. It’s pretty meta blogging using, working at 😉 Everybody who got hired works 3 weeks as customer support (Happiness Engineer, in…