First blog post as an Automattician

First blog post as an Automattician

This is my first blog post since joining Automattic Inc., the maker of WordPress. It’s been about 2 months since I joined the company, and it’s been a very fun ride indeed. It’s pretty meta blogging using, working at 😉

Everybody who got hired works 3 weeks as customer support (Happiness Engineer, in Automattic speak). What an eye-opening experience it was! The first week I worked on email tickets, answering our users’ questions via email.

Then the second week got a bit more interesting. I was trained and started Live Chat with our users. This was my preferred method as you can real-time responses from them. I love that real-time connection as we worked to resolve issues together.

The experience has really taught me a lot about using our products, and more importantly, our users. It has helped me quite a lot thus far in my work as an marketing designer. I would recommend this practice for any product focused company. It definitely closes the gap between the product and its users.

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