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Flash OSX issue

I am so tired of sluggish Flash performance on the mac… Adobe and Apple, please do something about this. Not everyone has a 8-core Mac Pro… Flash is just so slow on the mac, videos are playing really choppily, I really hate watching videos in 10 fps… Websites are slow as snail and unresponsive… sigh… Put the same site or videos on a equivalent powered PC and they’ll play silky smooth… Come on!! Fix this annoying issue!

2 responses to “Flash OSX issue”

  1. I’ve noticed that this often has to do with the flash player’s memory leak. It starts out smooth but after a while – say one show on hulu -it can’t play anymore and the computer’s fans go crazy. Restart the browser to reset flash’s memory, and you’re back in business.

    1. ahahaha! Cool that. But still, why is flash running so much faster on windows!? not fair.

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