Days of TV & Music

So I’ve been watching a crapload of TV and music these days. plus im really enjoying it.

First of all, John Mayer is really awesome. I saw him in concert a while ago and i was so feeling the music. glad that he’s drifting away from pop and going into more blues, which is more him anyways. Check out his new album Continuum, it’s just great.

I just watched Alicia Keys MTV unplugged… Im lovin it. She’s really can sing! omg… grooving in front of the monitor. The backup singer was great too. Watching it makes me want to go out and sing to a band of live music. Great feeling. Let’s get jamming! PLUS, common and mos def came in!

The Office season 1 & 2 are among the shows that i’ve been watching these days. It’s just awesome. IT’S SO FUNNY! I love michael and dwight. They are the dynamic duo. You’ll know why when you watch it. Among the shows im watching, there’s also LOST, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Family Guy (of course) and Heroes.

I’ve been listening to 側田 a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to sing karaoke with him? hm………….. daydreaming… btw, i think Eason needs a new album to feed my hunger.

well, here’s one of my longest entries about whole lot of nothing… gotta love my entertainment.